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Credit insurance: increase and back-up your business

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Small companies

Your business development depends on the appropriate management of your trade receivables. Now you can face up to the increase in unpaid debts and secure your financial balance. To meet the need for occasional coverage of outstanding loans, we have developed an innovative credit insurance solution for a single customer.
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Medium and Large companies

Choose the best protection against unpaid claims. Trade credit insurance protects your business against both commercial and political risks. The product includes information and advice on your buyers to prevent any unpaid invoices, the collection of your unpaid invoices, and compensation up to 95% of the guaranteed debt.
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Multinational companies

Secure your trade receivables of your subsidiaries in Dubai and abroad by reconciling local specificities and characteristics of your group. Our guarantee secures your commercial transactions and protects you against the risk of non-payment of your invoices.

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The benefits of credit insurance

Now you can trade with confidence and explore new markets or products. Find out the benefits of credit insurance. You develop your turnover in complete peace of mind, and you have access to new bank financing. You benefit from all the advantages of this protection.

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7 tips for choosing a credit insurer

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Insurance policy

    • Increased recovery
    • Diminution costs
    • Online access to the insurance database
    • Better conditions for financing
    • Facilitates attractive bank financing and increase of your financial capacity
    • Focus on its heart business
    • Dissuasion against defaulters
    • Covers claims in Dubai and abroad
    • Compensated up to 95%
    • Variety of credit risk management solutions
    • Increase your sales to new and existing customers without risk
  • We offer solutions to protect receivables for company from small businesses to large companies across all sectors and in all countries.
    Discover the credit insurance solutions we provide for your business.

    • Protect your business from risk of customer default or catastrophic loss
    • Comprehensive Domestic and Export Solutions to new and existing customers
    • Subsidiaries, divisions of Multinational companies or Multinational Programs
    • Top or Single Buyer Policy to protect an individual contract or debtor
    • Key Accounts Policy for businesses requiring protection on their largest debtors
    • Increase your export markets and offer competitive terms overseas

Our commitments

For businesses seeking a solution against the consequences of non-payment by a customer due to insolvency or inability to pay, Altassura intervenes to compare offers and advise the best trade credit insurance contract. Depending on your business in Dubai, your organization and also your customers, Altassura therefore ensures only present insurance relevant solutions, offered by insurer seriously, after a careful comparison. We investigate all available options in order to provide the appropriate cover for individual accounts or for your entire portfolio of customers.

Our other five commitments are as follows :
- information and advice about your buyers to prevent any unpaid,
- a competitively priced portfolio cover with reduced tiered premium rates,
- individual consultation of expert present at your nearest market through the world's largest insurance network,
- a quick compensation for customer payment default,
- an credit insurance offer adapted to all needs of a business regardless of its size, from SMEs to multinationals, - a review of all your contracts : claims handling process, debt collection advice.

If your company are already credit insured, we provide a free audit and we analyse your existing insurance policy to improve it. We renegotiate the contacts with the insurer and we obtain the best conditions for our customers : credit limits, exposition, covered percentage, deductible, policy limit, run-in cover, top-up cover. For companies with strong internal credit management, we offer a cover for exceptional loss across their entire portfolio.